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Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester jacket, American Apparel tee, Vivienne Westwood trousers, Acne shoes, Helmut Lang cuff, Dominic Jones ring.
Beautiful outfit shots by Jen from when she came over to visit from Zurich last week. We sat in the Albion all afternoon savouring different dishes and catching up; promising I’m going to visit Zurich after September. 
This is what I have been living in the last couple of weeks since being full time in the studio, I really like how loose everything looks; a really relaxed tailored outfit. These shoes are my latest heart throb too, bought at a laughable price on eBay. I am one very lucky lady.

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  1. very Yamamoto hot! like the shoes

    xo lovee


  2. Such a stylish yet soft take on a traditional suit. Love the heels, like a fragile pin!

  3. absolutely beautiful. and the shoes are stunning – white. so good!

  4. wow, those shoes are too much… love them… saw what you are doing it looks very interesting, i can’t wait to see the end result!
    My Fashion Bug

  5. so beautiful style !!!

  6. most wonderful ourfit ever!
    the heels are so lovely!

  7. most wonderful ourfit ever!
    the heels are so lovely!

  8. Just discovered your page, I love it! Will follow, please follow us back – we’ve just started out :)



  9. Wow, those are seriously the definition of killer heels x

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  10. amazing heels! getting a deal always feels so awesome :p


  11. Those shoes are incred. X

  12. hmmm have always been wondering whether the acnes are difficult to walk with ? just sayin, never really use spike heels that much … they do look awesome though !

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