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More of a liquid lunch I would say. A few hours spent lazing in the park with DanielaJen, Alexxsia and Jackie. I can’t wait to get some new sunglasses for the summer, completely obsessed with Jens, pictured several times here.
Also, isn’t Jackie’s new Jil Sander bag the bomb?
Picture of me taken by Jen

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  1. Ahhh….she did get the Jil Sander bag. It´s sold out everywhere! I know it´s plastic but I still like it! :-)

    – Dani

  2. lovely pics! and the bag? wonderful!!!


  3. Amazing! Love your photos! and WOWZA that is close up of my hiney… hehe… pretty smoking hot though. ahhhh! What a lovely day… could never love anything more than lazing in the park with people I love. xx

  4. Ah…this beaitoful bag!!!

  5. Love the photographs and loving the Jil Sander plastic bag xx

  6. Lovely shots: quintessential first day of spring post.

    I was wondering what that bag would look like in the flesh, it’s great. Charlie that is uncanny that you just left that comment: I’m not kidding, for that particular (middle shot), I was thinking of you the moment I pressed the shutter. Chills.

  7. your sunglasses are killer!

  8. what a camera!


    love all these sunnies:))


  9. Gorgeous photos. I have the same YSL ring in coral and I never take it off.

    The Heartbreak

  10. guess i would prolly just invite myself to your picnic. it all comes down to a cool brunch under the sun with YSL ring. so dreamy!



  11. I lvoe the Jil Sander MArket bag one of my favourite ones of this season and I do love the sunglasses too!


  12. great post!!!…great shots…absolutely love the bag!!!

  13. ahhh that bag is sick!!! looks even better in real life put to use :)

  14. I so like these pictures! Cool rings too ;)


  15. These are such awesome photos. You look gorgeous as ever and Jen’s sunglasses are amazing.

    Looks like such a lovely picnic!

  16. That bag is so special!! I like it! :O

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