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VPL bras.
Way Obsessed.

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  1. kind of in love. x

  2. LOVE these.

  3. loves! I got a crappy black H&M version that I’ve been wearing under backless dresses recently. check out my last blog post to see!

  4. LOVE these.

    I need a new bra. Desperately. Especially after seeing a lingerie catwalk show yesterday, these are the ones I want. Going back to this post soon as I send this to find if there’s a click thru.

    Have a lovely weekend Charlie May! xo

  5. Ouch! Just found them on Net a Porter. Those babies aren’t cheap. But they’re oh so worth it.

  6. i love these bra tops so retro …

  7. Oh wow these are amazing! They’re so interesting and definitely call for sheer layers!

  8. SO obsessed! i LOVEEEE.



  9. Not fair :-( my mamelons are waaaayyy too big for that kind of thing *sobs* it’s not like I haven’t tried, but a Bravissimo sports bra with a bit of ribbon stuck on it doesn’t look half as good, lol!


  10. amazing. these are too cool.

  11. – stylish underwear!

  12. Omg nice!!

  13. Love them but not generous in the sizing… Boo. Would look amazing on you.

  14. Solid stuff. I think this is what you call an ‘Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder’ ha. Love the last one.

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