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I don’t particularly like Phi‘s pre fall womenswear collection but the shoes are absolutely blowing my mind!

I really liked their fall 2009 collection, it was so biker chic!

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  1. Oh, the shoes!! Love all of them.

  2. all of those shoes are AMAZING! love them <3!

  3. whaaaaaa….so fierce (for lack of a better word)

  4. I’m really starting to dig this whole leather edgy biker chick look too. I keep buying black clothing hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. awww love those shoes. the first picture made me salivate a little…grosse I know XD

  6. wow, fierce.
    rock n roll girls on the catwalk.

  7. i LOVE the runway looks – it is biker chic done very well!

  8. Yummy. The first boot is insane. I love it.

  9. OMG amazing!

  10. I love how all those dresses r super tight! And I love that black fur jacket! Very coool

  11. bootgasm.
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  12. I love it all.

  13. shoes that look like scientists equipment almost? i guess fashions a cryptic wonder that science will never crack; something i love about it. x


  14. Great photos. I love these. So awesome.

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