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Sorry to those of you who see this post and immediately want fried breakfast! The final day in Paris was chill out day, after running around in heels for three days and some serious partying on the second night, it was time for comfy clothes and sitting in the sun (sitting in the sun outside Palais de Tokyo of course).

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  1. haha, I definitely want fried breakfast now – how the hell do the French manage to make even that look healthy? [maybe that’s just my wishful thinking :P]
    Some lovely photos, they’re making me want to visit desperately! x

  2. Love Taylor Tomasi Hill and her blue Céline pouch.
    Wish I´d be in Paris right now! Thanks for sharing these pics.

    – Dani


  3. Lovely visuals.
    I have one of those push scooters but with bigger wheels with front suspension :D

  4. omg… looks so amazing Charlie. I want to come with you next year. Incredible photos! xx

  5. Oh what a healthy breakfast … but this is not typical French;)
    I love all the photos :)
    nice blog :) i’m gonna visit it again :)

  6. très jolies photos, j’aime beaucoup

  7. Wow, beautiful photos of such a beautiful place.. Thanks for sharing xx

  8. It’s good that you included some of the great Haussmann architecture that Paris is well known for. We sometimes get so taken up by the clothes on the fashionable subjects that we forget to enjoy the great architecture.

  9. Paris is beautiful. X

  10. Love all of these, I have been so disorganised with my posting, still only on Day 2 of London!

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