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Look how clever I am with my google maps technology; about a century behind the rest but still, a nifty and clever way to share with you guys all my favourite places in Zurich! Without a doubt my favourite part of it being the temperature, nearing 30 degrees most days, heaven! Especially when you can cool off in the lake or Letten river after a day of checking out the sights. I was quite shocked at the brave Swiss, the river runs rapid but everyone jumps in and lets the current carry them downstream, until you get caught by a grate and scrabble your way out. Seriously impressive and not for the faint of heart. 

The city is quite expensive so we didn’t eat out often besides, there were too many delicious things on the menu at the Inglis household – I got to try my very first Fondu and experience the christening of their new barbecue! Seriously amazing lazy days. I can’t wait to go back and explore some of the Alps next time. Thank you so much Jen for being an awesome host!

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  1. The photos are beautiful, the drinks look delicious and that pizza makes me hungry! Love your galactic-esque shorts, so nice.

  2. Awmagaaa this is too beautiful Charlie. I know Zurich was beautiful but never had a chance to explore like this and see details, I LOVE this. So glad you and Jen got to spend time as well, so nice of you to visit her, looks like you had a reaaally great time!

  3. breathtaking.. thanks for taking me there haha

  4. love every single photo and oh my those white shoes

  5. I’m living here… and I have to know where the bakery is… looks so good!

    Touch Kajal.blogspot.com

  6. oh my god babes, these pics are really nice. the balck and white houses in zurich are sooo you!
    and those miu miu sunnies if im not mistaken are really a good investment! super chic and it looks like the temperature is perfect to wear summer clothes but still play around with layers. it’s super hot here in london at the moment, and im heading home to HK which is like 32 degress so i will melt unless someone puts me in a freezer pronto! lol
    thanks for these lovely snaps.. hope to go there sometime soon

    xx nathan.niche

    P.S. i uploaded a new post on the making of the final project i did in case u were curious lol


  7. Hi Just stopped by your blog !

    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around !! J

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time




  8. Argh so jealous, I wish I could’ve been there too. Liking the new curves you’re applying to your photos, making everything look slightly monochrome and cold even though it was probably ridiculously sunny. Cold and barren, one might even say…

    1. HA! Love that you spot these things. Yes it was beautiful and sunny in real life. This takes it up a dreamy notch!

  9. Great photos! I’ve never been to Zurich but it looks like an amazing city! Hope you and Jen had fun… cute jumper too ;-)


  10. Nice post, I just found your blog and I like it!

    Théa Unknown

  11. I have been following your blog for a while and I love every single pictures you posted on your blogs!!!!! And of course your style is inspired.
    Do you mind telling what program do you use to make the photo college, they look very neat and stylish!!!

    Thank you very much!


    1. Thank you so much! I edit all my pictures using Photoshop CS4.

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