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There were so many incredible outfits and details I wanted to capture outside Céline, although to be honest there were such a huge number of photographers I found myself not wanting to be associated with them at all. I kept to the side and captured what I could away from the scrum; nobody deserves to have 100 cameras up in their face.

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  1. lovely pictures

  2. I’m surprised we didn’t see more orange + pink Prada stoles over fashion month, ADR was riding solo on that one it seems.

    The photographer scrums outside some of the shows were really something else. Not to mention that a lot of these ‘photographers’ are just hangers-on, and piss everyone else off. The number of times I saw people shouting ‘get your shadow out of my shot!’ I do wonder where half these pictures end up.

    I just posted shots of a girl who I think is a friend of yours, can you tell me her name/blog so I can link it?

    Hope you had a safe journey back to London, I’m Blighty-bound tomorrow…so sad!

  3. AMAAAZING PICS!!! So many lovely complements!
    Really inspiring!!



  4. Great collection of pictures. Wise decision for you to stand back away from the scrum of photographers.

    PFW will go down in history as the most camera-mad fashion week. It’s gets violent sometimes outside some of the big shows.

    Nice of you to capture that spirit. I can see Naomi’s face in some pictures in the background. I love the last picture of the converse – photographer’s uniform.

  5. this yellow skirt kind of thing is pretty cool ;)

    xoxo,c.a ♥


  6. Amazing collection of all the people in fashion I adore! Love that candid shot of Anna! And I want one of those cameras! xoxoo

  7. amazing photos!

  8. wow wow wow! these photos are UNREAL! you did an amazing job. ADR’s nailpolish is amazing – i need to find out how that’s done!



  9. WOW. I can’t believe all those amazing details you captured. So much better than those stupid paparazzi shots you always see. The bananas skirt is AMAZING and I love the green sweater with the pink collar poking out. Great photos. Seriously.

  10. great pics :)

  11. the flashes of colour here are amazing !

  12. you have captured the detail and colours so well

    and some of the best photos are taken from afar….


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