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More devotion to fashion than religion?

Just brought back my delicious new copy of pop magazine. As always it hasn’t failed to inspire. This issue, bringing back the 80’s obsession with religion, brought on by Pradas’ A/W 08/09 collection.

Full, elegant, beautiful laces with naked models beneath.

I’m not sure if the ‘nun head’ photos are also directed by Miuccia Prada, but they are a bit too tongue in cheek, aren’t they?
I’m all for a bit of controversy, but aren’t these young, sexy models dressed up as nuns, writhing around half naked a bit… much?

Here is a snippet from the article
“Mrs Prada, in her collection and in this shoot, is playing on the sacrilegious tensions that rise up when you mix the frivolously secular with the profoundly spiritual. What attracted her idea of using nuns, she says, was ‘the contrasting possibilities between sacro and profano‘, between the sacred and the profane. After all, it’s only in the ptresence of righteousness that decadence becomes fully and deliciously meaningful. But the real power of that sequence from Roma lies not in the contrast between the (supposedly) shallow materialism of the catwalk and the sacred transcendence of Christian ritual, but in the fact that there is no contrast: Fellini exposes fashion and religion as identical forms of reverential theatre. Not that this is much of a shock for most of us, for whom fashion is a more profound subject of devotion that religion anyway.”

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  1. I adore the Naomi cover of Pop!

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