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Introduced to the Tumblr MINIMALISTE, by Ivania, it’s been a great source of inspiration for my AW12. Looking at vast landscapes of sea and ice, with clear open skies and oceans has given me a great deal to think about. Going down to Devon for the holidays I felt like I had to visit this place, one of my favourites, with vast cliffs that you can climb and explore all day, with waves crashing all around you. So far removed from life, it makes me feel alive.

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  1. INSPIRING .. just inspiring… plus the photos soothe my mind

  2. Nice but a heap of blogs are just like these on tumblr?

  3. i love these pictures! just how wild and calm everything looks at the same time.

  4. sometimes a good picture is all it takes

  5. Who says nature doesn’t work in straight lines? Love. x

  6. your inspiration…inspires me!



  7. Those are amazing!! :)

  8. This is absolutely stunning. Beautiful to say the least. Come by sometime!

  9. ahhh I’m sooo happy that that post has served you in some way. minimaliste is so great!

    *I’m sooo excited to meet you next month and see your collection!

  10. everything is sooooo
    but it really is.

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