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I’ve been seeing a personal trainer for about 6 months now; learning more and more about what I should be eating, how I should be working my body, and even how I should be sleeping. This last one wasn’t such a surprise, body aching after a great workout the day before, even legs cramping up in the middle of the night, possibly from not stretching out enough.

I had heard about the Eve; a memory foam mattress set to blow all competitors out of the water. It’s absolutely incredible for muscle rest and support (they’re currently doing scientific tests to determine the benefits). I’ve been sleeping on it for about a week now and I’ve never slept so well!

British made and created out of a one of a kind memory foam/latex sandwich, it’s easily the most beautiful mattress I’ve ever seen. Talking more about the design, because that’s such a major part of it, the Eve comes packed tightly into the box, once opening and cutting the plastic, the mattress springs to life right before your eyes. White and their signature yellow, from start to finish, the typography (Inside the box are all sorts of quotes on sleeping, another nice touch) to the product itself, is beautiful.

Nice one guys for bringing joy into another aspect of our personal lives :) I’ve honestly never slept so well! 

Enjoy 100 days on Eve with the Eve home trial now

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  1. Couldn’t help but leave a comment since I’m reading this after a night of futile attempts to sleep, which comes after a couple weeks of groggy days and equally useless nights. Sleep is so important! I’m so glad you found the right mattress! It’s very individual, can be as tricky as finding a soul-mate. :) I know my sleep problems go way beyond the right gear but you got me curious about this one… Or maybe I should just go cry on Meatloaf’s tits. :) (Say “Aye” if you get the reference! :)))))

    1. It sounds to me like you need the Eve! Seriously best sleep ever, and I never thought I’d actually be into a foam mattress but it’s ok as it’s hard not soft :)

  2. Perfect set, I love it.


  3. I’ve been searching everywhere for that crop top you’re wearing and appears to be nowhere :(( please don’t tell me it’s all sold out!

    1. We do have XS, S and Large! I don’t think they’re on the site right now for some reason – please email marina@charlie-may.co.uk xx

  4. It sounds great great great :)



  5. I never thought a mattress could look and sound so appealing. And, you’re looking particularly gorgeous, I really love this shot, xx


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