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One of the highlights of my Paris trip was being shown around the cult boutique L’eclaireur. They have six stores in Paris alone and are Farfetch’s biggest retailer; what sets them apart is that the stores are designed by artists, not architects. The Sévigné was designed by Studio Arne Quinze; with the interior made of layered cardboard, covered with silver car paint and laid next to television screens set in the material; the space certainly is unique. The walls are also interactive; pull of a leaver and a screen comes up to reveal a clothes rail beneath or a hidden mirror, designed so that every buyer will have a totally different experience when shopping here each time. In this store you will find every favourite from Celine to Givenchy to Haider to Ann, the buying is impeccable. Aside from the Demeulemeester, the furniture in the space was a particular highlight for me, I can’t remember which architect it was designed by, but the giant pony hair morphed couch deserves a space in my future home, I think. I’m looking forward to discovering the other five stores when I go back to Paris!

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  1. genuinely made some seriously weird, unintelligible noises looking through these pictures! that leather jacket, my god!

    everybody else’s girl

    1. Hahaha, so glad you liked it! I seriously can’t wait to go back. Seriously can’t wait even more until I have the budget to go real shopping in these places ;)

  2. Very good!! i love this boutique..
    best regards from germany!!!

  3. wow the interior is wicked!

    1. I know! Who’s have thought cardboard and car paint could have looked so awesome?

  4. I just loved it!!! Nice architecture!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

    Twitter: @cristianpavezd
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/uywe6X

  5. ok this store is sooo you charlie!!
    btw it was fun bumping into u the other day lol

    xx nathan.niche

    P.S. rmb how we talked about the dover st market sale? well i went and i think u needa see this…


    1. It was so fun seeing you as well! I knew I would sooner or later, and how apt to see you in an underground fabric store ;)

  6. that store looks so cool! love it


  7. ahhhh that place is beautiful! love the modern take on baroque. also, how fantastic are those celine pumps, the silhouette stands on its own…

  8. wow i love this place! amazing blog:)
    Follow and i will follow back<3
    Love Lara xo

  9. I always wish I had bought two pairs, once my one favourite pair of shoes get too worn and no shops carry them anymore

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