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Conrad Koh Samui

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This is the last of my snaps from the incredible Conrad, Koh Samui. Sunrises and sunsets, I miss waking up every morning and seeing this view. It really is without a doubt the most beautiful I have ever encountered. With the islands on the horizon like jewels on a necklace, it was a true postcard snap. 

Aside from the daily norm of waking up, working out, eating and laying by the pool we also had some excursions to a local deserted island to walk along the sand and snorkel. I’ve always loved diving and snorkelling since travelling to the Maldives at a young age – I even wanted to be a marine biologist growing up. While most children dreamt of space, I dreamt of being a mermaid. I would say growing up in Devon close to the sea, if I go on holiday it has to involve water for me to feel at peace. There was no shortage of this at Conrad, Koh Samui, with regular trips to local beaches, islands and of course the various pools at the Resort. 

There was plenty of fresh fish on the island, as you would expect, the Thai food was out of this world. There are three restaurants all of different levels, right up to the top fine dining eatery Jahn. We had an incredible tasting menu there, the top dish being prawn with a chilli consume pictured above. I could LIVE on that meal. That and fresh coconuts. Between fresh coconut water in the morning and coconut sorbet in the afternoon, you’d think I would be done with it but it’s just made me love it even more. Sadly in London these aren’t as readily available! I need to hit up my friend Coco Face who’s trying to change that. I hope you all enjoyed the glorious weather here on the weekend, it was a touch of Thailand that’s for sure. 


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  1. Amazing images Charlie, hope you had a great time x

    Millie x

  2. wow, that looks amazing!

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