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Photographer: Christina Smith
Stylist: Isabelle Sayer
Model: Katiusha

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  1. she looks so angsty. i love it.

  2. Wow, such amazing hair. I’ve seen this girl in a couple of shots recently. A bit scary but beautiful hair.

  3. omg love that first pic. so inspiring!

  4. yess, growing my hair long ;)

  5. yess, growing my hair long ;)

  6. man, this almost makes me bitter that my hair is staying in one lenght naturally, I guess I should try some vitamins :D

  7. I nominate you as onbe of the fifteen fashion bloggers…So, if you want, feel free to check out this post:

  8. love the hair!

    Following your blog now, hope youll want to follow mine too : )



  9. amazing photos AND the hair! holy moly so long and glorious. Loves it.


  10. I love the atmosphere of these pictures, something like teen unrest…

  11. beautiful pictures, but it must be hell with hair as long as that ;)

  12. Ahhh, I just today cut off about 6 inches because it was SO unhealthy…but of course now I am regretting it!

  13. so pretty, especially the shot with plaits through her hair

  14. I’m in love with these shots and the styling is spot on!

    Think i’m going to have to reblog this one..x

  15. I’m seriously in love with this.

  16. Wow, this is amazing, wish my hair was that long. your whole blog is totally inspiring, it is seriously amazing.. x


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