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Obsessing over this 80’s Madonna vibe i’m getting from the S/S 2011 Fanny and Jessy collection.
(‘Just like a prayer, i’ll take you there!’ Is going on the stereo right now.)
Small plastic crosses feature heavily, delicate face prints and heavy gold artillery pieces remind me of a modern punk rock Moschino.
Whilst the collection seems very full on at first, it’s nicely balanced with the sheer tops and silk shirts, and you can very quickly start picking out key pieces for your own wardrobe.
I see from their website they stock in Machine-A in Soho, I’ll be heading there as soon as this collection hits the shops!

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  1. WOW i love it. shall be checking this out. yum yum!
    nad xx

  2. loving these pieces.

  3. GREAT stuff!
    loved them all!
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    I´ts called thelovely san
    Hope you like it!
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