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GFW DAY 2: Birmingham

Anna Russell
Russells collection was the perfect nude dream. Hard underwear as outerwear teamed with long sheer skirts and laser cut dresses. I think I fell in love with this collection the hardest at Birmingham’s show. I feel that at Graduate Fashion Week everybody is looking out for the bright colours and insane prints, and the beauty of the subtler collections go un-noticed by the masses. Well, Anna, I’m noticing!

Fay Gascoigne
My favourite part about Fay Gascoigne’s collection were her mirrored geometric necklaces, which lit up the whole room like disco balls as the models sauntered down the catwalk. It was quite a spectacle and really caught my attention, followed by her incredible sculptured jackets. Such awesome shapes that really captured my imagination.

Jessica Day
Day’s collection was cute as a button. Great silhouettes, with fur and ears and tutus that I would just die to wear. A big doggy jumper, spiked shoulder pads, doll necklaces and a 3D robot corset that looked to be made out of lego. It was ALL going on!

Joseph Turvey
Masks featured heavily in the Birmingham show, but these one’s caught my eyes the most. Joseph tells me the masks are the face of Margaret Rutherford, the original miss marple. The masks were somewhat reminiscent of Margielas face coverings, the way they tied up at the back. Lovely. If not somewhat creepy.

Thomasin Gautier-Ollerenshaw
I absolutely adore avant-garde, quirky knitwear, like the giant foxes and roosters from last years Hannah Taylor (Ravenbourne). When I first saw this I knew fashion156 would be all over it. Everything about this collection just kicked ass! I can’t wait to see this being styled up among other GFW and designer pieces.

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  1. Love the first and second collection very much! :-*

  2. hey thanks for the review. Just to let you know… my masks are the face of Margaret Rutherford. The original miss marple.

  3. i love Fay Gascoigne <3

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  4. So sorry about that joseph! I will correct immediately :)

  5. Anna Russell= wow! Beautiful and contemporary, I look forward to seeing her own label in the near future! I also love Thomasin’s sense of humor! Agreed, it is a great knitwear collection!

  6. thats cool. Thanks for correcting it. Alot of people have had different ideas about the masks. I like to hear different peoples opinions.

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