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GFW DAY 2: International show

Dominic Knecht – Institute of Fashion Design Basel
Insane wrapped pieces teemed with oversized flowing trousers and paint splattered tops. A truly interesting collection where I was left wondering how on earth it was achieved. One of the jackets in particular reminded me of a huge ball of yarn, with a model trapped in the middle. The final piece was this huge jacket, made out of padded rainproof material, also tied and twisted within each other.

Floor Kolen – Amsterdam Fashion Institute
The accessories in this collection made it for me. Beautiful creepy bird like masks, teemed with plastic moulded foot shoe coverings. Kolen’s collection truly captured my imagination, the moulded breast top worn with the red polka dot trousers was my absolute favourite. The way the white faded out to transparent, I found myself wondering how I could work that into an every day outfit.

Linda – Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore
Denim as I had never seen it before, sculptural, striking and beautiful. The face covering dress was obviously quite a piece, everyone sat to attention for Linda.

Roya Hesam – Amsterdam Fashion Institute
Hesam’s collection for me was highly refined and delicate. Beautiful soft materials that draped from the models accentuating their beauty, the kind of clothes that you would die to wear, because you know that they too would do this for you. The colour palette reminded me of Haider Achermann’s more sophisticated recent collections, soft greys and browns that are quite unusual.

Anna Sergunova – St Petersburg State University of Technology & Design
I felt this collection was the most powerful at the international show, for obvious reasons. Sculptural wool dresses accompanied harsh metal-like helmets and high platform shoes, showing a much harder edge to fashion. There are many more beautiful pictures of Anna’s collection in detail on her blog here.

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  1. And the fantastic coverage continues! Dominic Knecht’s jackets are superb! I love the sculptural aspect of his collection–it was ironic without being gimmicky.

    I LOVE the lines on Roya Hesam’s collection. Truly remarkable– I want some of her cardigans for myself!!

  2. Thank u for your comments about my collection, its very important for young designer.

  3. Your welcome Anna! Your collection was truly amazing, can I ask who designed the shoes?
    I hope you feel my write up did the collection justice!

  4. i’am!
    except wood,i made everything by myself))
    soft insoles, soles, coloured wood and made aging effect

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