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Gagaaaa ooh Gaga…

Lady Gaga at the 13th annual ACE Awards on style.com

I had completely forgotten about the team up of Lady G and Tokyo porno/art photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. She thanked him at the ACE “for photographing my soul”. Now after seeing the pictures I am a little disturbed.

Vogue Hommes Japan
Photographer: Nobuyoshi Araki
Fashion Director: Nicola Formichetti
I don’t know what I expected from this, I guess not lady gaga tied up and gagged? I don’t particularly like this editorial. The fact that there is paint smeared all over the place just seems like they are trying to detract from the fact that Lady Gaga is starkers in most of the photos. I do however love her outfit at the ACE awards…
What do you guys think anyway? Do you see her soul here?

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  1. i’m also disturbed. e_e

    i knew it from the beginning, she’s freaky. kinky woman

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ok i spelt everything entirely wrong in the last post, that is why i have deleated it.

    The outfit she wore is amazing. And I am not disturbed, there has been a lot more disturbing things than this, i dont know why, but this editorial bounces out to me. I love it.

    nad x

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