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Super cute scalloped leather accessories in Jaeger Boutique.
Jaeger has always been one of those great British designers for me that I have kept close at heart, I was so happy when they decided to do a runway show last season at LFW. Just as those talks at the IHT Heritage Luxury conference said about reinventing brands and appealing to younger generations, I feel this is the transformation Jaeger has gone through in recent months.
Their new range ‘Jaeger Boutique’ is inspired by a similar line designed by Jean Muir in the 1950’s, it’s aimed at a younger audience and for girls that ‘Want to buy Jaeger all year round, not just at sale time’.
What a neat idea it is! 
Completely fell in love with the scalloped bags above.
Jaeger’s main line was just as delicious with accessories in olives, maroons and mustards. Asymmetric lapels were a really nice detail as well as some unusual fabric choices such as perforated leather and stiff string like material. 
My favourite piece was the beige perforated leather string jacket, shown on the mannequin above.
Jaeger definitely went out of their comfort zone bringing a contemporary edge to a classic British luxury brand.

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  1. SO JEALOUS that you went to see this. I love Jaeger! Those shoes are incredible: wantwantwant the cranberry ones (of course) x


  2. AWESOME!!! The pieces are so beautiful and these photos are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love every single one :) Thank you so much for sharing this!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  3. beautiful stuff!

  4. i definitely like the belts!!

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