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Wearing: Zara shirt and dress, Stella McCartney shoes, Pamela Love Necklace, Givenchy bag.

So here I am, after my one week hiatus of being bunged up in bed with the flu; I am thankfully now on the mend and find myself in Devon for a holiday! Pretty excited about my month of travel ahead planned and finding fresh outfits to wear from one limited suitcase shared with le boyfriend. Thank fully I’ve packed many layering pieces that fold away into nothing, such as this lace lingerie style dress.

My mum is pretty convinced I am walking around in my underwear the whole time, which I’m sure will be a thought shared by many who aren’t aware of Louis Vuitton AW13, Birkenstocks being in and many of the other in-jokes fashion are having at the moment.. Otherwise happy to have my heavy tread Stella’s with me for some countryside roaming.

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  1. I have seen the negligee style dress on a few people now and I am so tempted to buy it! You look lovely, hope you’re feeling better XX

    1. Thank you! Soo much better now x

  2. J’adore


  3. I never thought I would like this ‘underwear’ trend as I’m not a big fan of lace but these pictures just changed my mind! xx

  4. love this – have this !! so proud about ‘hunted’ it cool piece :-)


  5. Nicely done… beautiful bag.


  6. What a lovely dress. Looks perfect on you !


  7. What a lovely dress. Looks perfect on you !


  8. love the necklace! x

  9. We got the same dress! <3

  10. amazing!


  11. Big fan of delicate lace – you’ve put that outfit together masterfully. Hopefully that dress makes it to the Australian Zara stores – it’s seasonally on point for us, so fingers crossed!

  12. Oooo Charlie. That first photo looks straight out of a magazine. Such a beautiful outfit and gorgeous location. I love the lace. xx

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