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Back in Devon for my birthday to enjoy relaxation, picnics by the pond and belated birthday presents. I’m an explorer at heart and running around the countryside, discovering hidden things (like the teeniest frog) makes for the best London getaway.
And if anyone’s wondering what the thing the duck’s sitting on is, it’s a pontoon my Dad tried to make, but it capsized. 

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  1. These pictures are so pretty! It looks like a really tranquil place. And how cute is that little frog! (toad? not sure exactly what is is, but it’s cute!)

  2. beautiful shades. indeed. suit you perfectly!

    there’s nothing better than summer in the countryside… beautiful pics!

  3. Love the Prada glasses. Check out the Scottish Fashion Awards next Wednesday at:


  4. It’s funny – I forget you’re from the country because you seem like such a city girl!


  5. I haven’t seen tadpoles in years! Looks like fun

  6. Aah so jealous. Definitely feeling like a country retreat right now.

    Loving the sunglasses x

  7. These photos make me want a picnic in the park and a laze by the river !
    check out

  8. Ah, it looks beautiful! I so love the image of you running around with the ducks in your Prada sunglasses! They are so stinking cool. xx

  9. such gorgeous pictures of nature <3 :) Thank you for sharing =]

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