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Bike riding around east London with Jen a few weeks back, stopping off at every little unvisited coffee shop, offering up too many delicious treats to turn down. I recommend All Press on Redchurch street for the most delicious lunches, I had a chilli chicken sandwich that was too good! Followed by my favourite cupcake from Violet, the red velvet. There are always so many little gems that sit unvisited until a friend comes to stay and it’s the perfect excuse.

Bike photos by Jen, mouth watering photos by moi

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  1. LOVE THIS. Please let’s do it again soon. I had so much fun. The photos look beautiful. xx

  2. such a great, simple look!


  3. love those pictures!

  4. mmm all that food looks like heaven. so does your outfit by the way, love all the colours and silky textures, looks so good with those shoes too! hehe, so true as well.. you forget everything good about your city till people come to stay! hope you had fun..

  5. babes u look gorgeous in white as u do in black! my fav cupcake is velvet too! but there must be sufficient icing or cream on top of it to perfect the balance.

    by the way, loved ur opinion on the H&M “collab”, in case u havent seen my response:

    haha, yeah i get what u mean, it’s double hurting their image. but i guess the silver lining is the whole “bailout” concept that’s gonna jumpstart their business back to life again, even though it means replacing margiela’s original atelier styled construction and cool fabrics with cheap biodegradable materials that disintegrates the moment the sun hits it…
    i love ur last line, it sums up how we feel: ‘we understand, we just don’t condole.’

  6. love the photos! beautiful. follow you :)

  7. i can’t follow you :(

    1. :( Why can’t you follow me?

  8. Nice photos
    great graffitti!

  9. woahhh these pictures are actually STUNNING. and that cake looks utterly amazing too. I’m visiting London in late August this summer- would you be kind enough to do a post on your favorite spots (shopping, site-seeing, or even just to hang out) in London?
    Much appreciated!

    1. Awh! Of course! I will start getting a list together for you :D

  10. lovely photos..it makes me miss London!

  11. I loved the photos! I’m in love with orchids and you look amazing in nude!

    Chic Reaction

  12. Just stumbled across your blog through Tjejsajten! Your photos are lovely, I’m officially following you!

    1. Welcome! :)

  13. sounds like a fun day. that’s something i love to do in london. ever so proud being a londoner!


  14. london is best when riding around on a boris bike

    just love your photos



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