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Wearing: Ann-Sofie Back coat, COS knit, Acne shorts, Nelly shoes

How kick ass are my new Nelly shoes? Nobody wants to get on the wrong side of me! Taken in Devon on one of my last days there, it was super windy and drizzly, a total opposite to when I arrived, but that’s what it’s like living on the coast! After getting these shoes I’ve definitely decided I need more sleek stilettos, I love the steel toes, somebody on facebook thought it was a DIY, which would be pretty awesome. There’s no real need for a DIY though when the shoes are such an amazing price anyway! You can find them here in all different colours.

Thanks for my bro for helping me out with the outfit shots! 

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    I love it’s super windy and drizzling and you’ve got your shorts on. Shame they had to go back, they do look nice :(

    1. I KNOW! I thought it was about time, with the full moon out and all.

      These aren’t the same shorts, I do actually own these. One of the very few print items I own!

  2. oOOH-la-la I’ve been seeing steel caps everywhere but this probably is my favourite shape, chic is the word but I will not offend you by throwing a mere ‘chic’ because you’re clearly more than that.

    Can you believe you’re wearing tights in JUNE??? it just depresses me really.

  3. Oh I’ve noticed these shoes around too but the black ones are an awesome choice. I love that wall, I wish I lived somewhere as picturesque as that Charlie…instead of living in the most landlocked city in the UK.

  4. omg my first time i guess to see u in pointed sexy heels. hot .. no. yer magnificent

  5. yeah, love this nelly heels! steel kick ass girl! :)

    Heartbeats from Vienna Wedekind

  6. Steel toe-ed shoes, not just for construction workers any more! I looove this trend right now.

    x, AM


  7. Those shoes are like sex. I need a pair asap.
    Lovely photos!

  8. You look so gorgeous in these photos. I love the silhouette in the first shot. xx

  9. Amazing! I agree & think the shoes are an excellent price, that’s why I decided not to do a DIY either. Love your outfit! xo

  10. Gorgeous outfit doll! ♥


  11. you make devon so maje edge!!! i can imagine a fever ray video with lots of black crows exploding out of a shed (obvs) by the clifftops and then lots of demeulemeester ballerina’s ‘doin their thing’. im feeling very inspired today charlie, very inspired

    omg also, mom and dad have bought a place in north devon as a holiday home! lets get our wet suits on and strut around pretending to surf! sexeeeeee


    1. OMG! I’m having visions already, strutting up and down in our 10 piece bikini’s, waving at all the hairy sailors. So excited!

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