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Prada Chandeliers for only £800 in the Selfridges sale!
I’m kidding, I most definitely can’t afford that. These babies stayed in the showroom, but I was happy enough to put them on and strut around, much to the amusement of the Prada people. They make the most incredible sound when you walk!
Picture pinched off Lexxi’s iphone
I was pretty gutted to see that the shoe selection at Selfridges had got so much better that when I first went just before new year. There were Alexander Wang blue tipped boots and Ann Demeulemeester suede double heels and even some Celine’s. There were not there when the sale first started. I raided it from top to bottom! The size selection is pretty dire now but I would still recommend you go back for a real rummage.

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  1. omg Charlie ONLY 800 why didn’t you get it? I can’t believe you missed out on such a bargain.

    I never knew they actually sold those for ordinary wear, they look so costumey!

  2. They look AMAZING! 800’s a steal for chandelier shoes ha.

    Tempted to go to selfridges now, but it sucks that the whole world is a size 39.

  3. oh soooo pretty – expensive :(

  4. I can’t think of anywhere I could wear these to (and for the price, I’m not sure I would want to wear them!) but I love them!

  5. very fitting description. and i really dont see them as shoes

  6. For those who have talent, this is an awesome DIY project!


  7. these shoes are incredible!!!

    Hannah xx

  8. This shoes are the best shoes of the year. Miuccia realzied myf avorutie shoes model with them especially for their lightness and soft appearance!!


  9. Wow, these shoes are divine. I haven’t ventured into Selfridges for a while, so may go and have a browse xx

  10. wow those are gorgeous! would be happy just to try them on too :) great blog you have here!

    love, M

  11. Beautiful!! I’ve been obsessed with these shoes ever since Anna Dello Russo, Vivanna and Aurora wore them in June.. to die for!!!

    Love your blog- I’m following you now! Thanks for commenting on mine!


  12. Extreamly Cool foot wear!!!! i need them!!!

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  13. 800 in the sale… wow!! they are quite something though

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