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Image above by Jill
Last two images by Jen
In order of appearance: Daniella, FrancesKit, EmilyCarrieLucy, Winnie, ShiniJen, Sandra, and me.
On Tuesday I was invited along to visit the Next headquarters in Leciester to view the new S/S collection and take part in a blogger styling challenge.
We all met at an ungodly hour in Starbucks at St Pancras station, to find out we were being sent first class, in our own carriage, to the furthest North I have ever been. We arrived for a casual breakfast and a presentation of the trends and styles of the new collections. I was really impressed at the level of design that went into the pieces. I was seriously coveting the 70’s trend items, especially the white summery, sheer pieces and wood/suede platforms.
Then it was on to the styling challenge where we were each given an item of the new collection to style with anything from the mock store. I was given the white blazer; very Ann D I thought with a tie at the back for a more asymmetric look.
My favourite part of the whole day had to be meeting so many lovely people. Thank you Next and thank you to Jenny from Jam for inviting me!

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  1. Hey hey Charlie, I really love these photos, you captured the spirit of the day and there’s this quality of frankness to the shots!

    Thought what you wore was amazing, a gang of us were agreeing that day that you made it look like designer.

    It was so fun, hope to see you again sometime soon!

  2. Great pics, I chuckled at a few of them, wish I’d got a few more candid shots! Such a shame I didn’t really get a chance to chat to you but I did love what you were wearing. Till the next event…

  3. hurrah! i love this post.
    plus all the more intelligent stuff shini just said. xxx

  4. Charlie, I absolutely love this post! Your photos are gorgeous! Totally agree with Shini, I definitely said a few times that your look was seriously edgy and didn’t look like it was from a high street shop at all. Was such a treat to meet you. xx

  5. OMG Charlie, the photos are amazing and hilarious, damn I missed the chaos in changing area…I was too panicky finding stuff to go with the white lace top.

    I only have one shot of you, but I’m going to steal some off Shini’s.

    P.s I looked like a snobby-posh cow from Paris.


  6. aaaaaaaaaaw my friends!

  7. ahh charlie your pics are lovely! well donee for capturing all our poses in the photographers area! I liked your outfit, i agree with Shini!

  8. Aw You took some amazing photos! I wish we could do this day all over again because it was so much fun!

    I adored your outfit and Shini was right- it looked SO designer and it was so awesome meeting you!

  9. Ditto, wow, these are great shots Charlie and it’s funny Jen must have coincidentally used that same background or else we shot it at the same time, but hers is so nice and crisp and focused.

    Basically what everyone already said – in the span of about 20 minutes starting @ 11:10 tonight – is just what I’d say. Actually, don’t even bother to read this, please just re-read Shini’s comments as that’s exactly what I’d say, but better.

    I keep looking at your outfit and I can’t get over how you managed to do that in all the chaos that was going on. That’s.. genius.

    So glad to have met you and can’t wait to see you again soon. xox

  10. p.s. I LOVE Lucy’s photo! The post and the outfit. I didn’t even see her in it.

  11. i love the nude bow shoes, sooo much!

  12. those wodden strappy platforms are super cute!



  13. those wodden strappy platforms are super cute!



  14. This looks like such a fun day! I love how you styled the white jacket.

  15. Youc hsoe the bast pics and I’m so happy that you had this great opportuntiy!!!


  16. Lucky you, this looks like it was loads of fun.

    Peace and love,


  17. You are so lucky! :)

  18. Wonderful photos! Looks like a great day full of fashion and fun. Have a great weekend xo

  19. these outfits are so amazing!! great pictures and thank you for your comment.

  20. this looks like so much fun. x

    p.s. I’m having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you’d like to check it out. xx

  21. thankyou for your comment..

    because then I found your blog!



  22. love how yu documented the day with cool photos

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  23. Ah so gutted I couldn’t make this! Looks like you guys has such a blast

  24. Ohh, just check my comment and i found your blog then, this is what i call resolution, this is my first time i’m here and i fall in LOVE!
    your, photograph is outta border, you even didn’t need those lens blir effect hunny, congrats!

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  25. lovely!!!

  26. Like all, love this post, must thank Jill for pointing me at your blog…

  27. It looks like you all had a great day. How do you get invited to such events??

  28. love the photos! Those shoes are gorgeous, as are those wide leg pants though I’d never be brave enough to wear them!

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