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Last Friday Lex and I were sat at home insanely bored when we got a magic call saying we were being sent to Camp Bestival by Glaceau Vitamin Water!!
How exciting is doing random spur of the moment things?
The atmosphere of the whole festival was so nice, it being a family affair there was none of this teen messiness, (sorry teens), and the toilets and showers were a dream, apart from being woken up in the morning by a chorus of babies I have nothing else to complain about.


The highlight of the weekend had to be seeing Madness and The Human League. They were better than I could have imagined, there was so much energy with Madness, the crowd were going crazy! We also randomly stumbled into a dancing competition in the Black Dahlia tent where we were awarded joint 2nd prize by ANNIE MAC for the Lindi Hop!
After quite the heavy Saturday night, we spent Sunday morning doing Yogo and Thai Chi and chilling in the literary tent (only Camp Bestival would have a literary tent – complete with armchairs!) and heard talks from Charlie Higson, writer of the The Fast Show and the Young Bond series, and music producer William Orbit who has worked with Madonna and U2.
The final blow out night was incredible, seeing bands Friendly Fires and The Human League.
The Human League were style ICONS! Completely obsessed with lead singer, Philip Oakley, who I swear must have been wearing Yohji Yamamoto to start and then changed into incredible olive jumpsuit. Susan Ann Sulley was a complete fox as well, LOVED her.
After that we watched fireworks exploding over Lulworth Castle and ate a much anticipated Byron Burger, it was amazing!

Thankyou so much Glaceau Vitamin Water for sending us to Camp Bestival!

Also I have to say all these photos were taken by Alexxsia, I had a disposable camera and will be getting the snaps processed soooooon.

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  1. Oh lucky you getting free passes. I really wanted to go this year but had too many other plans this summer. Good to know they have decent toilets coz that’s always been the thing that puts me off music festivals!


  2. I love the pictures and styles!!

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