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Best beauty buys and stocking fillers

Charlie May x M&C black split dress belle


Over the last year I have had the worst skin. Growing up and all through puberty I had the best skin, no acne (I was that bitch) and now late into my 20’s, I guess it hit. Sudden breakouts all across my cheeks and jawbone area, very strange. Trips to the doctors didn’t help; I tried giving up dairy and drinking less, cutting out sugar. And, of course, I tried all the products under the sun. So here I share with you the beauty buys I swear by – that have got me through the years and I buy again and again (and are ALWAYS on my Christmas list). They have improved my skin dramatically and I know you guys will LOVE. Also some hair care for you too, to share how I get my messy cropped cut looking just so.


With central heating on constantly this time of year I find my face gets quite dry, this polish is all natural and moisturising too. It also won’t break the bank, which is nice from time to time!
I wasn’t sure at first if this was a bit gross to share but here it is anyway – the best thing EVER if you have a breakout! You just cover over night and it’s gone by morning I swear..
This brand has been a GAME CHANGER. I now actually use the facial mist, day mask and night mask all in my routine. But if you were going to pick one to start I would choose this guy. I wake up with any small blemishes or redness gone and super soft skin. Completely obsessed. It’s a little pricey but I can tell you it’s completely worth it.
This body lotion is the best consistency; moisturising, silky smooth and buttery soft. It leaves your skin feeling amazing and hydrated all day.
This serum was recommended to me following a facial at The Face Place (The best place to get a facial in London FYI). I mentioned my break outs and problems and after a very painful extraction session she said that the best thing against black heads is this serum. I started using it and I haven’t actually needed to go back yet!
For a less pricey serum I would recommend The Ordinary lactic acid
OK, game changer 2. This product was actually recommended to me by a dermatologist. It’s prescribed to patients following surgery who need to wash their wounds. It has no harmful chemicals, it’s oil free and P.h. Balanced. You apply is to dry skin with slightly wet hands and it foams up a nice thick lather, you rub in for 30 seconds and then wash off with water a clean facial cloth. I apply every morning and night like clockwork, I cannot go without it.
The perfect treat-yourself mask, feels super luxurious and leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing. I use this about once or twice a month.
I love this hair cream (despite the hilarious product name – they’re Swedish so give them a break). It’s vegan and cruelty free which I love and of course it works wonders for my hair. I apply a big dollop onto my hair after washing then blow dry.
This product was kindly given to me following a hair cut & consultation at Myla and Davis. I have always loved Bumble and bumble’s styling products but often find them to be heavy and not being a professional lack the knowledge of how to use! This guy is like the little bother of the infamous salt spray. Super light and easy to use, just spray into wet hair and blow dry!

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  1. Hey Charlie

    I’ve also been suffering with unexpected spots this year and, like you, I totally got away with clear skin when I was a teenager, seems we’re getting our payback! I might have to try the Acne Pimple Master Patch and Tata Harper Purifying Mask. I would also recommend you try Immunocologie’s Vital Clay Spot Treatment, amazing product!! It’s a really great brand with very good ethics.

    Vikki xx

    1. Thanks Vikki! I always love hearing about products people swear by, its the only way :) x

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