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The coats and jackets in this collection blew my mind! I didn’t think much of the garments under them, some good trousers and shoes, but THE JACKETS! Such incredible variation. I must own one of these! somehow, one day I might stumble across one in a second hand store? Or get richer sooner.
I really adored the furs/leathers. I wish they had done more. The colour in the middle bottom is beautiful.
Of course the aviator type jackets were jaw dropping. I love how big and warm they look! Belts, olive green and sheep skin; the perfect winter coat.

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  1. I love the military buttons and the big fluffy fur coats its almost like the comfort of bohemian coats but with the style of high fashion.

    From Dolly

  2. Wonderful collage! I really enjoyed seeing so many different styles, and all of them so well done. I could really have used one of those shearling jackets this winter, preferrably paired with the gorgeous buckled shearling boots.

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