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Bryce Aime

Apologies for the bad quality ‘phone cam’, here are some worthwhile detailed pictures of the Bryce Aime collection from Catwalking

Even though I wasn’t too keen on the graphic prints in this collection, I have to say that the rest of it I really loved. The colours; burgundy and black, were a really beautiful pairing, along with the beautiful textured materials and shiny gold studs and zipper detailing. It has to be said that the collection was extremely wearable, with exception to the final three outfits. The final three are of course my favourites! Bryce does sculptural so well; most of you will i’m sure recognise Bryce’s designs in a recent Rihanna video. Pretty amazing, eh?
He really delivered again with this collection, beautiful wearability still with the fantasy element that we all crave.

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  1. that second look is AMAZING.

    maxwell conrad


  2. wow those prints are crazy!!


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