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Nina Ricci

This collection completely blew my mind!

The styling for this was so perfect, I loved the odd proportions of some of the clothes, (i.e That jacket!), the different fabric contrasts, the one pieces were pretty spectacular, and of course the accessories!

ARGHHHHH! I need these shoes! They’re like animal hooves, I love the faun look!
How did the models walk in these? Haha seriously?
I’ve promised to be in this years graduate fashion show and I have to wear stripper 8inch platforms, I am terrified!

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  1. I really can’t believe people are able to walk in those shoes. What kind of genius mechanism must be inside the sool so they don’t fall???

  2. too much, we dont need another ankle problemo!

  3. Such a shame this was his last collection for Nina Ricci. This was just plain stunning! So bold and daring.

  4. I LOVE these shoes – especially the lace through ones…I heard that they are not planning on producing them though? Hope thats not true!

    Kate :-)


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