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Inspo: Miranda Kerr by Alasdair McLellan, Styled by Kate Phelan for British Vogue, Sep 13.

Late night Sunday inspo browsing for my shoot tomorrow and stumbled upon this editorial for the new issue of Vogue. Seems even more relevant to me as I constantly update and delete various items from my Zara shopping basket; all the while hating myself for even shopping there, when all I really want is this entire perfect Stella McCartney pinstripe.

There is nothing more iconic or covetable to me than the perfect thick wool winter coat; just looking at this makes me excited to move on to designing AW14! Having said that I never thought about how perfect a floor length winter coat looks with some flimsy undergarments and Birkenstocks.. watch out London, flasher-fashion might be making it’s move, and I may be it’s newest convert..

Source: StyleInspo

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  1. yeah, this is seriously perfect! Thanks for sharing such hot inspo, Charlie!

  2. Yummm. I love the first photo. xx

  3. I share the same feelings about Zara shopping! Love the editorial, so simply chic and a perfect nod to the end of summer

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