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To celebrate CK ONE launching their new unisex apparel line MTV PUSH and CK ONE will be holding an exclusive party at Shoreditch’s Village Underground this Thursday

Throughout the night we will see performances from Alexis Jordan, Professor Green and Katy B whilst CK ONE models Alice Dellal, Pixie Geldof, Princess Julia and Jerry Bouthier will be DJing as well as the entire event being hosted by the one and only Lara Stone!

There will also be a CK ONE virtual cube in which you can record your very own viral CK ONE video that could be starred on ckone.com

You can win tickets to the event by leaving your name and email address as well as answering the following question:

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

I have two tickets to give away so make sure you give the best answer!


CK ONE are also hosting a pop up shop at the Truman Brewery in East London that everyone can attend. Pop down from the 7th-14th April to get a peep of the new collection.

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  1. To get the ball rolling I will answer my guilty pleasure first:


    Potatoes in general are a guilty pleasure of mine but wedges are probably top of the guilty richter scale.

  2. Oh you know what I thought you meant? Wedges – not the shoe kind – as in the old American slang version – giving someone a wedgie (that probably means nothing to you).

    One of my favourite guilty pleasures – altho I’m not angling for a free ticket – is after my husband has gone to sleep, making myself a big bowl of a mixture of cereals, hanging out on the couch in white pj’s with thick white socks under my giant white towel Abercrombie & Fitch bathrobe (a gift from same husband before we were married) that I use as a throw. With the cat. Watching stupid reruns of shows like Sex & the City. And dunking cookies in the milk.

    Potato wedges sound pretty yummy right now, especially with sour cream and tomato and green chili salsa.

  3. Haha! I definitely don’t get pleasure out of giving people wedgies!!!

  4. Guilty pleasure – introducing myself as a mortician’s assistant to those that don’t know me, just to see the reaction on their faces. Then, shortly afterwards, saying that our business is recession proof…

  5. guilty pleasure…wearing the boys ck underwear the next day.

  6. really love your blog!!
    it´s great!

    follow u honey

  7. I don’t really enjoy anything I feel guilty about, because I’m cool. But last night at my friends dinner I ate, smoked and drank at the same time – that felt good and I’m sure it’s not anything to be proud of!
    But wow. I just saw Chan’s so now mine looks pathetic. I also like wearing boys CK underwear the day after, do it all the time ….

  8. my guilty pleasure is watching save by the bell, clueless, sabrina the teenage witch, you name it… with a huuuuge tub of ice cream, pop corn and candy floss!

    re-living my childhood!


  9. My guilty pleasure is when I go back to France, I bought like 10 box of Creme de Marrons ( Chestnust cream but better!) I hide them in a secret place and when I’m alone I eat them with muffins or whatever I can mix them with!


  10. my guilty pleasure is watching crappy american tv show repeats such as Will & Grace, Friends and Scrubs. i could pretend that i read Oscar Wilde or F. Scott Fitzgerald in the evenings, but in reality i love nothing more than a laugh with familiar shows!

    Katie M

  11. Among many of the activities that have maxxed out my guilt overdraft (such as the dreaded mine sweeping at parties / retrieving unwanted items from the bins of London believing they are transformable masterpieces of interior design genius / or my party piece playing country songs on the guitar in an american accent pretending to be blind), my true / sad guilty pleasure is that I have had dippy boiled eggs with marmite soldiers pretty much every day for the last two years. No day is complete without them!! What can i say? Rome wasn’t built on Belvita’s breakfast biscuits! x

    P.S Sadly i think these are evidence that I am not cool enough for this super duper party – however a free bar would prevent me (in theory) from mine sweeping? Another night that im not playing rohypnol roulette!

  12. guilty pleasure: definitely has to be a smoking a cigarette after sex,… whilst she is still lying on me,… and sharing it with her;D

  13. Mine is less of a guilty pleasure and more of a guilty CRUSH…I have a MASSIVE crush on Professor Green. Is that OK? My friends tell me it isn’t but who doesn’t love a bad boy? Problem is, this is bordering on an unhealthy obsession. I stalk his facebook and twitter ALL the time and I have watched every Professor Green video going on YouTube (my faves are the weekly behind the scene tour diaries. HATE his blonde girlfriend who pops up every now and then, thought he’d have better taste).

    I have never seen him in REAL, ACTUAL life and I would DIE to have the chance!

    If I won tickets I would be one step closer to making him MINE!

    Ok, I realise I sound like a mad girl, I’m not.

    Maybe just a little bit.

    Yours obsessively,


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