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For all of you who were asking me where they can get hold of my platform DM’s, I’m afraid it’s not going to happen. After having talks with Dr. Marten about a collaboration it has come to a stand still. I’m so gutted about it, it sucks seeing such a great design idea go to waste.
Shoes are from my graduate collection – Charlie May.
Image by Shini taken from Style Crusader

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  1. your gradutaion collection is amazing

  2. Ah that really sucks, these are amazing. Hopefully you’ll find a way to not let the design go to waste.

  3. Down with DM’s!

    I may go off and protest now…

    Just saying ;)

  4. Naw that’s so lame. What a waste, their lost. X

  5. i do not understand. that would have been a major opportunity – for THEM!

  6. so perfect. i hope they still happen :)

  7. Aw, sad! These are so cool and I like them so much better than the “typical” docs!

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