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The night before last I found myself at the opening of the new Guild hair salon in London’s Chelsea; we’re all aware that the French influence is taking over here in London, and Guild’s unique selling point being that their hairdressers have been brought in from Paris, all speak french and even offer you Champagne whilst you’re in the chair! This may be the reason for the drastic hair change; feeling a little more confident than usual I thought it was time to try something a little new. Still obsessing with this Daria hair it was time to loose a lot of inches, now leaving me with more hair on my Neil Barrett sweater than on my head. Thank you Guild and RedKen for the drastic change and wonderful evening!

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  1. Looks goood!

  2. I love your shirt!

    Emma x

  3. those shoes – cant be more jealous ♥


  4. nice!!… love the layering.


  5. beautiful hair! it suits you so well. loving the outfit as per usual, the sweater is awesome x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  6. Charlie, it looks freaking amazing. I still remember when your hair was all the way down your back. I totally couldn’t imagine you cutting it all off but it looks so good this length and definitely suits you. Beautiful photos. I love the location. It looks freaking cold though! Hope you had a coat nearby. xx

    1. I know! I think short hair definitely suits me more. Whether this is a bit too short I dunno. And yes it was SO cold! I was trying to shoot before heading into the studio so I don’t even think the sun was properly up yet..

  7. AMAZING, you look somewhat…younger? Really suits you though, I take my meg ryan comment back this is more like CHARLEYMEY

    1. Ack, yes I think that too, but that’s not a good thing! After washing it it looks a lot more Daria, my hair doesn’t suit being too straight me thinks

  8. Great look !

  9. Nice hair cut

  10. Loving your hair!

    xx Nicole

  11. You look so good, that sweater is gorgeous!


  12. beautiful photos! those shoes are on point!

  13. why do you look so sad? :(
    its a retoric question but i would love to see you smiling :)

    1. Thanks! I think shooting pre coffee at 9am, I was still pretty zoned out :P
      Making mental note of more smileyness in the future!

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