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On my desk: Alexander Wang tote, Tom Dixon candle, Sketch by Clym, MIRLO jewellery and my new issue of POP.

Growing up in Devon the only magazine I would save up to buy would be POP; it’s been my favourite since  can remember. I remember the blogger collaboration they pioneered back in 2009, just a year after I had started my blog and was avidly reading other blogs online. It felt like a really exciting turning point that I was desperate to be involved in; so you can imagine how ridiculously excited I was to be approached by POP a few months back, to help pioneer the launch of their new online site The POP along with YOOX.

The new segment, coined #POPSHOPPING see’s bloggers styling their top picks from YOOX for the new Pop site, shooting on film using Fuji Films Instax. It was across digital platforms including Pinterest, newsletters and instagram, as well as appearing in the brand new issue of Pop magazine itself (squeel!). Thank you so much to Stephanie for making the whole experience a blast, and to POP and YOOX!

See my interview with Pop on Yoox and make sure you go out and buy the new issue!


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  1. That bag catched my eye.. what a beauty! POP magazine sounds interesting, def will check it out.

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

  2. lovesit

  3. Loving the sketch above your chic workspace – is it by Clym?

    1. Yes, it’s a portrait Clym did of me when we were in Paris :)

      1. In your iconic “Charlie May” pose.

  4. Gorgeous dress and skirt!

  5. Love the bag, you have a great sense of style.


  6. Those polaroids of you are so cool!

    Check out this stellar giveaway:

  7. This is such an amazing collaboration.

    You look like utter hotness… even in those nude mules which seem so seriously UN-you. Goes to show anything can be made chic. xx

  8. I really really like this. Everything, right down to the POP logo. Makes me want to get my hands on an issue.

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