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Off to Zurich today to visit Jen, I’m super excited as I’ve never been to Switzerland before, lots to explore and lots of cheese and wine to quaff! She tells me it’s super hot (YES) so I’m bringing my new Calvin Klein bikini from Style Passport; so In love with the minimal style and mesh inserts. Also my new custom Tusting bag that I had made in wrong side suede, it bears the scars and marks of the animal which gives it this beautiful beaten up old style. I can’t wait to get there! 

Check out my top 5 city holidays with Style Passport!

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  1. yes! glad to see antwerp on that list, i love it. send some of that hot weather back to canada!


    1. Antwerp is my favourite city in the whole world!

      I’ll try and send the hot hot weather over to you, I think there’s enough here to go around!

  2. Charlie, who made those black shoes???

    Hi from Vienna!

    1. Hi Astrid! They’re by Henrik Vibskov :)

    2. Ohh nice! Thanks for your answer.
      Great, great blog btw. :)

  3. That bag is so unique! Very interesting concept, great design. Will you please share with us some of your favorite areas in Switzerland? I always love to hear what people have to say about the places they visit!

    1. I will definitely try! Although I’m only really hanging around Zurich!

      1. testestes

  4. OMG can’t wait to see you in a bikini! (Not meant in a pervy way….really)

    1. I will never blog a picture of myself in a bikini!

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