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What started out a photo diary ended as an encyclopaedia, so now you know Devon just as well as I do. After the chaos of fashion week I retreated back to Devon to catch up with family and friends, hit the beach, walk the dogs across the farm and relax in the calm. One of my friends just got a house right off the beach so he can dedicate more time to surfing, he doesn’t even lock his front door; totally peaceful life. I’m super lucky to be able to retreat to these places whenever I need a recharge, but London is where it’s happening. Thanks to my brother for driving me around like a crazy tourist whilst I was down!

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  1. Wow, your photographs are beautiful – I adore them! Glad you had a good time :) xx

  2. I wanna come….

  3. Lovely photos, I know what you mean about being able to retreat to a quiet spot after the mad rush of the London, I loved coming back home to Yorkshire.



  4. these photos are absolutely breathtaking! lovely post.



  5. I go to Devon at least once a year, it’s so beautiful there, this post has made me miss it so much!

  6. Hi Charlie , Have you received the items I sent? as I can see you have uploaded pictures of Hair cone on your facebook.


    BackStage* Facebook

  7. Looks beautiful and super relaxing…

  8. “got a house in devon!” can’t help but sing that whenever anyone mentions the place, love your sailor-esque blouse, very fitting! Beautiful shots, makes me wanna visit Devon again, haven’t been forever XX

  9. It looks so beautiful in the good weather. Lovely to see it captured by you.

  10. The top photos are so beautiful; they’re almost like postcards. Why would you ever want to live in London?

  11. Those photos are breathtakingly amazing!!! Good job.

  12. the landscape here looks absolutely stunning!

    Love from Seoul,


  13. Woah, photo overload!! You’ll have to take me some time, if only to ogle the surfers…

  14. lovely lovely photos!

  15. These are all stunning – I just took a wee holiday with my eyes!

    Can’t believe you managed to snap a photo of that fish in the air!

  16. Love it!!!!

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