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Out of this world

At London Fashion Week I discovered the works of Atalanta Weller.
These insane sculptural pieces are the work of an english eccentric.
The 28 year old is originally from Gloucestershire. After studying a foundation course in Cheltenham, she did her BA in footwear at Cordwainers College.

“Shoes are like small sculptural buildings in their own right. I just love the challenge, the technical restrains of footwear. And I enjoy the materials – conventional leather or unconventional wood, plastic and polystyrene!”

Atalanta has been working with Henry Holland since his first runway collection and Gareth Pugh
for one show, shrink wrapping the shoes before they went out onto the catwalk.


She also has some much more wearable pieces that were also on show at lfw. Got to get my hands on those wedges!

I also stumbled across the work of Gabriella Marina Gonzalez. She designs garments as well as making out of this world accessories. I couldn’t find a website for her but she does have a blog.

Love her illustrations!
You can buy Gabriella’s work at Digitaria, London.

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  1. HOLY FUCKING SHOE SEX!!! I actulary would wear every single shoe here. Ahh no, i need some of these before i die, *squeeeeek* ahh. This is making me feel all funny inside xD.


    nad xxx

  2. WOW!!! They are soooo AMAZING:)!!!!!
    I love the flat boots too!!


  3. wow, who would have thought such innovation and editorial footwear would come out of our cobbled countryside! The shoes are so archetypal and ground breaking. Thanks so much for all of your comments by the way darling. Your blog is always an enjoyable and thought provoking read. How did your night at the Warehouse go? Do let me know if you host any other events in Bristol soon, as I’m there most weekends. Its my favourite city for clubbing and such. You should come to Wonky in a fortnight; its a circus freaks theme! x

  4. amazing shoes by atalanta!

    any bets for how long it’ll take for them to be in a music video..?

  5. Wooow! The first ones are insane!!!!


  6. wow! those shoes are jaw-dropping!


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