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I am moving to London in 4 days!
Super super excited.
Up until then I have a lot of packing to do so, these crappy blackberry pics of these beautiful shoes will have to do until then.

There is a really great Ann Demeulemeester interview up on the AnOther Mag Blog which is a must read.
My favourite quote:
“You can wear something from 10 years ago with something from today, and it will work, because the soul is the same.”

Oscar Wilde once declared, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.”

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  1. !!!!!!!


    Ann makes perfect shoes! Gorgeous AND comfortable!

  2. I know, so comfortable! She also says in the AnOther interview that she makes her shoes wider so they are more comfortable for women to wear.

    “Are we modern, or are we old-fashioned? We are still fixated on the idea that women have tiny feet. Things don’t have to be that way. I can make a perfectly elegant pump, but it will be comfortable.”

    LOVE her.

  3. THEY ARE INCREDZ. I can’t wait to see them in the flesh on you and trying not to stroke them (because that would be a bit weird) x


  4. yeah this shoes is sure hot!!! ;)
    thanks for ur lovely comment on my blog previously…
    nice to know u ;)

  5. niceeeee! classic AD boots… yum.

  6. niceeeee! classic AD boots… yum.

  7. Oh these are beautiful. Good purchase! What are you gonna be doing when you move to London? I’ve lived there for a year and I’m hoping to move back some day if I can get a job in fashion. x

  8. great words! nice shoes

  9. those shoes are hot! great blog

  10. Those are some beautiful shoes, Ann D’s just can’t be replicated, can they?

  11. Moving to London?! Wow! These shoes are gonna be wonderful for running around the tubes

  12. amazing pair!!!

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