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Featured: Céline shoes.

I’ve been a sucker for a petrol finished shoe since these Dr Martens came out a few years ago. I’m sad to say those very shoes are now caked in mud and accompany me on many a dog walking expedition.. Sorry shoes! I won’t be letting that happen to these babies though.

Tucked in the corner of Dover St Market my instagram inspiration became a reality, and even though I know I probably shouldn’t have, the promise of a self imposed shopping ban until the Antwerp stock sales next month sealed the deal. Its also worth mentioning that I ALWAYS buy heels, so it was about time I got some nice flats. Welcome home!

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  1. So, SO good. I shall be standing guard on mud watch. Can’t guarantee we won’t spell cocktails all over them though.

  2. Aah, love them! Congratulations

  3. Gimme those shiny metallic beauties! Looking forward to some outfit posts he he :)

  4. the finish is gorgeous!


  5. makes me realize for how long i’ve been visiting your blog now… i can’t believe the other post already is more than one year old. however, i like the punkish martens boots better; the white sole of these will accomplish your outfits but they look a little bit too sporty and urban for my own taste. well, i’m looking forward to more coast posts anyway – you may have not sparked a new shoe love in me, but i’ve booked a cottage near exmouth for autumn thanks to your wonderful, great, dramatic pictures :)

    1. Amazing! I’m so happy I’ve inspired you to visit the english countryside. I will definitely continue posting whenever I visit, hoping to go to Scotland this year which I’m sure will be so beautiful! I feel sad that the shoes accidentally became covered in mud. I need to clean them up and see if they’re retrievable. My favourite thing about Dr Martens is that I can wear them on the beach or climbing up hills and I know that they’ll be fine, these Céline’s definitely won’t be hiking shoes ;)

      1. scotland must be amazing, too – my father who went there 30 years ago and walked over 400 km still praises the landscape in the loudest tones. he wants us to go there in 3 years when he will turn 60, so i suppose your upcoming pictures will be nice foretaste.

        if dr martens aren’t covered with mud (at festivals, the beach, a walk in the forest after heavy rain) at least once during their lifetime, they will doubt their determination for sure! good luck with cleaning them!

  6. where do i buy????

    1. Umm, I don’t know about online stockists, I found these at Dover St Market in London. They seem to be everywhere though.

  7. Amazing! Good on you for taking a little risk with these bad boys.. love them!

    x Sharday


  8. where can i buy them from ?

    1. Not sure, they’re quite old now. eBay?

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