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This was without a doubt the most fun I had ever had at a fashion show! First up kinderwhores came out dancing around with powder puffs whilst the models started to filter out wearing the candy dream collection; lots of hearts and lace with cutout dresses that looked like they were made out of paper. Then little ballerina girls came out and did a little show, we thought it was all over until a gold curtain fell down at the back to reveal a pyramid of models dressed regally, all in pastel. My favourite hands down was the pink cape with bodysuit pictured last, the wigs with pink hair dye randomly applied and the awesome glitter platform cake shoes, everything was so incredible! The music just made you want to dance and everyone had the biggest smile on their faces, I wish all catwalk shows were this fun.

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  2. Wow this really is SPECTACULAR!! I think this candy-floss style would go well with the Sibling SS12 funfair knits! How did you get an invite? I’m still not down with the ins and outs of LFW bureaucracy but I would love to know. Do you just email the PR company? Looks like you were in the front row with these amazing photos anyhow. Ben and Ed really know how to put on a show, to be honest I think its a breath of fresh air with all the other minimalism at London Fashion Week.

  3. that looks like so much fun! I love the pastel colours, really looking forward to spring/summer now!

  4. Everything just looks so fun!! Love the pics!



  5. so so pwetty, your photos are amazzze. s

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