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Tuesday morning I was invited down to see the opening of the Spirit of Fashion pop up shop on 4 Monmouth street in Covent Garden. The store is stocked with exclusive limited edition collections by Carolyn Massey, Rachael Barrett and Matthew Miller.
 They are all winners of this years McArthurGlen Spirit of Fashion awards, set up in partnership with the Royal College of Art to recognise young talent and nurture them, helping them to increase their profile and evolve their businesses.  
Matthew Miller focused his collection around the blueprint for the ‘perfect white shirt’, using new 3D technology to help design and cut the fabric, this reduced waste and was more cost efficient and environmentally friendly. I would love to try out one of these machines! It’s sounds like the future. 
Carolyn Massey was inspired by reinventing the Grandad shirt adding unique hidden elements such as gussets and removable chains around the collar. 
Rachael Barrett produced a whole capsule collection influenced by school uniforms; she created blazers, tunics and pleated skirts using exploratory bonding techniques. I was sad to leave before talking to Rachael about her collection, it was all so beautiful. 
I was even luckier to be able to choose a piece for my own wardrobe, I must have tried on everything, there was so much choice! Unfortunately the mens shirts were still a little too manly for me to be able to pull off so I went with some beautiful wool culotte shorts by Rachael. I have so many shirts and blouses, it was good to get a really special piece, unique to my wardrobe. 

The pop up shop is open until the 17th before it moves across the country to Manchester and Glasgow. 

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  1. Food and Fashion <3

    NRC ♥

  2. I was invited to this too but had to miss it due to a family emergency, weep. Looks like you had a great time, can’t wait to see the shorts on you. I absolutely loved the skirts and silk T-Shirt in the lookbook, would probably have chosen one of them if I did go…

  3. Delicious pics!! Lovely


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