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So, Ray-Ban sunglasses aren’t usually my thing, but these have been strangely growing on me. The colour is so unusual, not to mention the lens is perfect for our english summer – i.e. everything will look sunny even when it’s raining.

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  1. They are very nice and I generally like the shape of Ray Bans but the fact that every second person in London is wearing them really puts me off… I found some amazing glasses by Nonnative and Kaneko at the LN-CC, you should check out their brand, they have similar(ish) shapes to Ray Ban but look just different enough :-)


  2. I like Raybans A LOT. They are pretty much perfect and never ever date. Go for those little suckers! xx

  3. I love them too! I know they are everywhere but sometimes you can’t beat such a timeless style.

  4. i love raybans, but i dont need the real one’s :) x

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