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Some behind the scenes shots from the Company magazine shoot today. It was nice taking a day off; away from the busy studio, cutting and sewing, to dressing up and meeting new people. Although, mostly I was excited to play around with my new 50mm lens! It will take a bit of getting used to but the quality of the images are so much nicer.
I’m not spoiling any surprises so you’ll have to wait for the Spring/Summer Issue of Company Edit to come out in March.
Hair and Make up done by super lovely girls Sophie Higginson and Nikki Palmer

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  1. you are just so insanely beautiful and you hair looks simply amazing in the high bow! xx

  2. you lucky bitch. swappsies? you can make my collection :P xxxxx

  3. look at you and alexxsia!!! too cool! miss you two.
    x fi

  4. Your hair is looking amaze and all those shoes are making me jealous!!!! Looking forward to seeing the shoot when the mag comes out =)

    Hannah xx

  5. Beautiful reportage images coming from your 50mm lens ;P Hmmm I think I should ditch my 28mm and use my old 50mm haha.

    Can’t wait to see your shots in Company mag.

  6. Ooh, exciting. I really like Company Edit. When is it out?

  7. je viens juste de recevoir les sandales noires Topshop, et franchement je ne regrette pas car elles sont magnifiques.

    Très jolies photos

  8. wow, you look delish. Love the hair and the shirt.

    Helen, X

  9. Pretty pictures! I can’t take my eyes of those shoes!! I love the hair too! xoxxoo

  10. wow your hair looks amazing! gorgeous pics :)

  11. wow your hair looks amazing! gorgeous pics :)

  12. you girls look super beautiful! (your hair – how did they do it?) ah, and the heaven of shoes… too good to be true!

  13. This is cool!!

    Go check my blog today! I am cooking an alternative recipe to Pizza/lasagna!!:) soo yummy!!


  14. I love this pics, amazing and I lvoe also the hairstyle!


  15. Unique High Bun, daring just how I like it! 50mm lens oooh tinkering with that will be heaps of fun!

  16. these shoes look so fun! it’s cool to see behind the scenes photos. you are a great photographer! thanks for visiting my blog. i will be following you for sure, great content!



  17. ohhhhhhhhhh you are so lucky, i’m so jealous
    love your blog, i follow you
    pls check mine and if you like it follow me too

  18. wow what beautiful pictures! so pleased i found your blog :)

    The Flower Girl


  19. stunning photos :)


  20. Thanks for coming past my blog! I’m definitely a fan of those purple and white stripes in the third last photo!

  21. wow your job sounds amazing! I aspire to be in the fashion indestry, I won a design competition on thursday and I met Lord and Lady Conran (famous designer people) so Iv started like designing products and peoples blogs inspire me! Im only 14…
    Am following!
    FLossie xx

  22. I love the striped skirt/dress. I wish I could see more of it. The styling is perfect. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  23. You look gorgoues, and I am so so jelous of all those shoes!
    Hope you come and follow :)


  24. this looks like such a fun photoshoot!

    great behind-the-scenes shots!

  25. that’s so awesome–getting pampered like a star!;)

  26. You look beautiful!!! Your hair, the shoes, the makeup..everything looks just perfect!
    We loved your blog!
    Thank you for your comment! We definitely follow you!
    Stay in touch!


  27. all of the shoes are very very beutiful!

  28. GREAT shots!
    your blog is very inspiring

    please visit&follow my newblog:

  29. Love love love the pictures!

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