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The Erdem show was without a doubt the most beautiful show I have ever seen; it took your breath away and, I have even spoken to those who said they cried.
It was the perfect serene get away from the chaos of Somerset House, taking place in Bedford Square Gardens, the catwalk was set as two large circles with white deck chairs surrounding. Classical music was playing as we sat underneath the semi structure and took in the atmosphere.
The designer had already won us over with the setting but when the first few lace outfits came out I thought I was in love.
Slowly introducing colour and floral as the looks came out, there was a perfect blend of completely wearable and ‘red carpet moments’. Every piece was utterly desirable and would look flattering on women of all ages.
Erdem is without a doubt becoming the one to watch at London Fashion Week, there is wisdom to his collections and it’s hard to believe he is only 5 years in the making.

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