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One of my favourite classic minimalistic pieces to make is the wrap skirt, as seen in my S/S12 and S/S13 collections, it’s ease of use and make, makes it a summer staple for me. I teamed up with Shini to show her exactly how you can easily make one yourself at home, with this super simple DIY using leftover mint velvet from my SS13. To see even more of the steps, visit her blog for the full article.

(The gist)

You will need: Fabric, half a metre is enough, scissors, sewing machine, pins, an iron and ironing board.

– To make the ties, cut two long strips about 50cm long and cut down into four. Fold in on itself, pin and iron before stitching along the edge to keep it neat.

– Measure around your waist and add for the wrap, about 20cm should be enough.

– Whilst the fabric is wrapped around you, place the ties at the very end of the top wrap layer and where is meats the fabric below, place the other two on the opposite side to stop the under skirt from slipping when wearing. Sew these on with a square stitch and when wearing, double knot to finish.

Definitely show me when you’re finished! I’d love to see the different finishes and fabrics you guys put to this. It’s very easy and casual, it would look amazing as a long skirt as well as a mini too!

Photos by Shini

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  1. Giving away your trade secrets!!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, the skirt looks beautiful but seems so easy to make! x

  3. This is truly amazing.. love the tutorial


    Website | Winston & Willow


  4. I really like that sleek, fine design ;D


  5. Love that sleek, fine design ;D!


  6. brilliantly clever simple & lush DIY! thank for sharing – gonna be handy for me when making clothes tickles my fancy. bookmarked without hesitation

    The Young Bridget Jones

  7. I love seeing the process of making this outfit! Super cute! I want to try now too! YAY! Thanks!


  8. I can’t wait to try this out!


  9. Cool blog! Very interesting and inspiring post! I greet: )

  10. Great DIY. I love the simple chic vibes from the shirt and skirt.

    Christie x


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