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I really love the mood that comes off of these pictures, so peaceful; which is exactly how I felt relaxing at the Agua Spa. I was beyond excited to hear that they were treating me to a complimentary massage as a little birthday present, beyond nice! I always love going to the Sanderson, whether it’s for midnight cocktails or afternoon tea, the atmosphere and crowd are always spot on. So to try out a new area, was really very special! Thank you Agua for giving me some much needed, me time.

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  1. You are right, it’s such a peaceful mood that comes off the pictures. I am very jealous :-(


  2. Ohhh I want to be there!! It all looks so beautifully peaceful, love that everything is white xx

  3. Lucky I could use one! :) You look so relaxed.

  4. yes i want to be there too!! charlie if u were a flower, u’d be a white orhid! or a black ann.d flower, or feather… or wait it had to be a flower lol

    xx nathan.niche


  5. I love this conceptual work! Such as http://www.kapturing.com/… go ahead guys…

  6. I really need a trip to Agua soon…

  7. so beautiful!
    I went to the Sanderson for afternoon tea recently when I was in London…loooved it

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