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Core collective, South Kensington, Gym

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Getting whisked away to South Ken any morning is a treat,but getting whisked away to try out the new boutique studio gym, Core Collective, was particularly exciting for me. This last year, I’ve got super into fitness; I know you’re asking, well why wasn’t I into it in the first place?, but I think when you grow up on a farm, you spend so much time running around the fields that indoors cardio is unnecessary and doesn’t even come to mind. So now I’m firmly a city girl, I’ve transformed my routine to working out around 4 days a week. Various mixed cardio and weights alongside HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Spin classes. 

Core Collective launched earlier on this year, targeting the core of the body to help you shred fat and gain lean muscle with their mixture of classes; HIIT ‘Velocity’, TRX ‘Resistance’ and Yoga. It sets itself apart from other gyms with it’s great pay as you go system (rather that the usual subscription method), meaning it really works around you and your schedule. If you’re like me and travelling all over the place, all around the year; a classic gym membership doesn’t quite cut it.

I got to try out all of the classes over the period of an hour. A 20 minute spin class was well within my comfort zone, some great tunes and a dark room is the perfect way to lose yourself for an hour. The TRX training in the blue room was completely new to me; suspended from the ceiling on ropes, you use your body weight to work your core and build muscle. A great work out and very sweat inducing! The final HIIT workout was a a mixture of kettle bells, squat jumps, boxing, rowing and dragging this heavy sledge across the floor with a partner. The last one being the most difficult and actually the most fun. 

After the extreme sweat session I headed to the luxurious changing facilities and couldn’t resist snapping the beautiful details. The shower had products from Bamford Botanic, as well as all the products and gadgets you could ever need, even GHD hair straighteners. After you’ve freshened up, it doesn’t end there. Head upstairs to the CPRESS cafe for juices, Acai bowls, salmon and egg white omelettes or protein pancakes. I may even pop in when I’m not using the gym..

corecollectiveThanks for having me Core Collective



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