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Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien yesterday. A must visit if you go to Antwerp, the atmosphere is relaxed and the food is incredible. We do have one in London, one on Goodge St and one in St Pancras International, so if you’re stuck in the country and can’t visit Belgium you have no excuse!
Le Pain Quotidien – Steenhouwersvest 48, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

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  1. I want all of those! And how cheap! Here in Norway a pastry like that is like 5 euros!

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    Love Despite color

  2. i love le pain… i think i’m going tomorrow now…

  3. i want it all!!!!

  4. omg i went the one in nyc!that’s awesome!glad you have a good time ;D

  5. I love Le Pain. The foods amazing. I went for both breakfast and lunch when I was in New York! didn’t realise there was one in London i’ll be going when i’m home!xx

  6. I’m almost 100% I went to this place in Brussels, if it is the same chain. The inside was the same, with the long tables ect. Reeeally nice! :) x


  7. Oh my great goodness, YUM! Definitely have to check this place out should I ever get myself over there, wow.

    x K

  8. There is also one in covent garden! I had no idea there were so many hidden about the place.

  9. Looks like a yummy place!

  10. yummy!! so cute


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