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I was so close to buying this Kane dress last year, this picture makes me sad I didn’t.

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  1. yep, you really should have

  2. definitely should have. just stop looking at the picture and you wont be so sad lol

  3. That is spilt milk, don’t despair. I’m sure there’s something out there on the high street similar to this. Although you’re right about the picture, it makes one want to crave for the dress.

  4. I can’t wait till the sample sale this year, seeing as I’ve missed it twice already and I met someone yesterday wearing an amazing dress she got for nothing at the sale :(

    Also, I’d rather have the jacket you’ve got in the similar print than this dress x

  5. ahhh, maybe on ebay?

  6. loove it. yup, you should’ve bought it!

  7. yep, you should have. am not a huge christopher kane fan, but his cloud dresses are always amazing.

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