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Wrapped up in spring

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Wearing: Charlie May stripe devore wrap shirt & linen belted trouser

When that spring feeling comes, you need to rush outside and take photos in the dappled sunlight immediately. This shoot was done for the Japanese magazine Spur, edited by Yu Masui. With a pass the baton feature of style bloggers around the world, I was super stoked to be involved! I wanted to share the full feature because I’m so into these white looks now spring has sprung. Worn with a pair of patent toes peaking out from under the wide leg, it’s an unusual mix of textures that I simply love right now.

I’ve been looking forward to wearing these pieces from my new collection ever since they dropped back in December. The mix of devore cotton (basically cotton with a sheer stripe weaved into the material) and the horn D rings and the asymmetric nature of the shirt has my name all over it. Aaaaand a collection of mine wouldn’t be so without a pair of wide legs within the collection. Name any material and you can guarantee I have them in my wardrobe, except for linen that is and these complete the collection!

Next up I’ll be repping the salt & pepper denim (new obsession) and all the silky shirts with gold hammered meteorite buttons. Watch this space.. I’m also on the look out for lighter weight fabrics with all the travelling I’ll be doing next month, to Peru and then on to Japan. Super excited to experience the end of the Peruvian summer whilst road tripping up to Macchu Piccu!

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  1. Yess Charlie!! Loving this look, the shirt detailing and everything is on point!! Great styling and thanks for sharing babe x

    Millie x

  2. Love the D rings and the light is impossibly perfect in these shots. Can’t wait to follow your travel adventures.


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